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Corporate Services

Our clients seek privacy, asset protection, capital preservation and growth potential. Peter Macfarlane & Associates has been providing corporate services and structures to discerning clients since 2000.

Peter frequently writes about the practical uses of international corporate structures like companies, LLCs, foundations and trusts. This firm specializes in implementing the same solutions in a turn-key manner, optimized and tailored based upon individual client requirements.

Through our correspondents worldwide we can form legal entities in almost any jurisdiction, and Peter and the team have a broad overview of jurisdictions that might be suitable for specific purposes (treaty shopping.) However, over the years we have focused on a few key jurisdictions we work with that suit most of our clients and where we have members of our firm working:


Could rightly be credited with creating the offshore finance industry back in the 1920s. It is a mercantile nation with a substantial and well-established banking and professional community, and wields significant political power due to its famous canal. It is easy to travel to and we offer clients who visit a full personal liaison service. We like Panama’s Private Interest Foundation legislation and use typically use Foundations with bank accounts in Europe or Asia for asset protection and succession purposes. We make a point of not putting any client information in Panamanian jurisdiction.

Nevis and Belize

Though these nations may be small, and are not a place to put your money, they are widely recognized as the top two nations in the world in terms of LLC legislation. Offshore LLCs can be particularly useful for US clients wishing to hold international investments without affecting their tax situation. LLCs are extremely flexible and can effectively and legally separate control from ownership, protecting active or passive assets from a wide range of threats.

New Zealand

We like New Zealand because it’s an OECD member country with a wide range of tax treaties, but it offers non-residents unique advantages in international tax planning through the use of offshore trusts and Look Through Companies. Our firm has plenty of experience in setting up such entities for clients.


The Scottish Limited Partnership has been an attractive asset planning tool for a century or more for non-UK taxpayers. It is also ideal for managing collective investment schemes. As part of the United Kingdom, Scotland enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide meaning its documents are almost universally accepted without question.

If you would like to talk about corporate structures in more detail, please feel free to contact our offices and one of our Associates will assist you. You can also arrange a personal consultation with Peter Macfarlane.