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Peter Macfarlane is a renowned international expert on offshore banking, asset protection, freedom, wealth creation, expatriation and financial privacy matters. If you like his unique insights and his ‘different’ way of looking at things, maybe he can add value to your situation?
The most important thing to understand about Peter is that he really walks the walk, rather than just talking the talk. Peter spends much of the year on the road and personally tests out everything he does and everyone he does business with before he advises clients on it. He has been through numerous residency and passport programs, advised both the public and private sector on security issues, set up and operated businesses in diverse countries, invested in real estate and venture capital deals, and made a detailed study of legal international asset protection strategies. His motto is, “you don’t know until you go.”
As an integral part of being a ‘Privacy Trustee’ for his clients, Peter is a very private person himself. If you expect to see photos, a perfect resume, employment history, and qualifications, look for a traditional lawyer or accountant who is happy to post all his private information on the internet. If you want the insight of someone who really lives privacy every hour of every day, talk to Peter.

Recently Peter was invited to join a professional association on condition he could prove spending at least thirty-five hours per year on continuing professional education. His response was incredulous: “I spend at least thirty-five hours per week on continuing professional education. That is why my clients hire me in preference to a typical or average professional practitioner.”

Because Peter spends so much time learning, studying, travelling and simply trying new things, he can only take on a strictly limited number of new clients. That is why he decided to hand pick key associates who can offer the same high quality advice to clients. You can talk to one of Peter’s associates for an initial, informal discussion of your requirements and situation for no charge: see how to contact us.

If you feel you need a personal and private consultation directly with Peter, that can also be arranged, either in person or by telephone. Urgent or personal consultations are accommodated as permitted by Peter’s schedule. The consultation fee for an initial meeting or phone call is two ounces of gold, or the equivalent in dollars, euros, bitcoins etc at current rates. Travel (first class) is charged as extra if Peter must travel to meet you. Peter does not travel to the USA on business due to legal restrictions. Payment must be paid in full in advance – absolutely no exceptions.

To make an appointment, please contact the office and state clearly that you wish to talk personally and privately to Peter Macfarlane.