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Citizenship and Residence

In an increasingly mobile world, your family’s citizenship and residence should not be left to chance. You can legally change your citizenship and country of residence, it’s easier than you might think, and doing so could have a big impact on your wealth.
There are nearly 200 countries in the world, and most of our clients work mainly over the internet these days. We can help you find the optimal jurisdiction to organise your legal residence and we can help you push the necessary paperwork through sometimes burdensome bureaucracy. Maybe where you are already located is the perfect place for you – but that should be a conscious decision you have taken after weighing up the pros and cons.

Citizenship is a particularly important matter for our American cousins, who are taxed on their worldwide income no matter where they live. What are your options for renunciation of citizenship? What is the alternative? These are matters we have practical experience of and can advise on.

If you decide to stay where you are, having the paperwork in place for an exit strategy can help you sleep sounder at night. If there’s going to be blood on the streets, you want to watch it on TV not from your window. We hope the worst will never happen, but if it does, you can be sure at that point it will be too late for you to start thinking about second residencies and passports.

Our firm can help with:

Citizenship based on family connections:

Many people don’t even know they are entitled to a second citizenship based on their family situation. If your grandparent, parent, spouse or children were, are or will be foreign citizens, we can advise and help you get together the right documentation – and also warn you of potentially dangerous errors you could make.

Citizenship via residency:

Our firm can help you establish formal residency in one of several Latin American countries where we have expertise and excellent connections. It may not be necessary for you actually to live there full time. In as little as three years you may be able qualify for citizenship of that country. This route saves you a significant amount of money over economic citizenship. On the other hand, a lot can change in three years. This option is ideal for those seeking an exit strategy or ‘Plan B.’

Economic Citizenship:

This is the fast track to a legal second passport within a few months. It is generally of interest to clients with multiple millions available in liquid assets. The tax, asset protection and privacy benefits for such clients are normally substantial and almost immediate.

Contact our office today to discuss your requirements and receive complimentary information on options that may be relevant to you.