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About Us

Peter Macfarlane & Associates is the consulting firm founded in 2000 by Peter Macfarlane. Peter Macfarlane is a leading writer, speaker and commentator on global financial matters, personal privacy, and offshore wealth creation. The firm specifically focuses on:

Asset Protection and Capital Preservation


Precious Metals transactions


Citizenship and residency planning


Offshore investment for tax-free growth


E-commerce and payment systems

Our speciality is international experience and multi-jurisdictional planning. We believe that effective asset protection is only possible by planting multiple jurisdictional flags. This is achieved by using legal structures and banking in different countries and currencies as an absolute minimum, and being aware of the advantages and options open to you when it comes to your citizenship and residence. Very few firms can offer our level of global, on-the-ground experience.
We focus on legally compliant structures. Clients must, without exception, submit full due diligence documentation to international standards. Our firm operates rigorous data protection policies including full internal encryption and storing all client data in a separate jurisdiction from the place of incorporation, with staff access on a strict ‘need to know’ basis only. We seek to develop non-reportable structures where possible, as we believe that privacy is the first line of defence: however legally watertight your strategy is, it’s better that it is never challenged in a court of law.
Over the years Peter has built up trusted contacts and correspondents worldwide and handpicked a small, select group of associates operating from Panama, Europe and South East Asia. These associates work under the personal supervision of Peter within Peter Macfarlane & Associates.
Clients do not come to us seeking an offshore corporation. We offer only ‘complete’ solutions, combined with bank, brokerage and precious metals trading relationships as appropriate. They come to us because they seek a long-term, discreet and totally professional business relationship with people who are proven to know their stuff and are ideologically committed to the concepts of freedom, wealth and privacy.