Services for Internet Marketers

Peter Macfarlane and Associates has established a dedicated division to cover the needs of successful internet marketing entrepreneurs: both site owners and affiliates. This specialist division is headed up by Mark Olsson, Peter’s “right hand man”, under Peter’s direct and personal supervision.

Over the past decade, we have seen much of the offshore business move online, while much of the online business moves offshore. In fact, the two are perfectly suited to each other:

Our firm’s extensive experience over the years has given us a detailed understanding of the needs of the internet marketing community. Our specialty is to make your finances run smoothly so you can dedicate your time to your specialty: running your business.

Here, in no particular order, are just a few of the things we can help with:

  • Offshore company formations and bank accounts: including for politically sensitive businesses
  • Offshore ownership of servers
  • Complex interaction with multiple payment processors
  • Making sure money moves fast through the system, increasing your profitability
  • High limit, anonymous cards for access to cash, for media buys etc.
  • Offshore Paypal accounts
  • Short term financing and introduction to equity partners
  • Banking facilities for crypto currency exchanges
  • Card programs for fast worldwide affiliate payouts
  • Second residency and citizenship
  • Real estate investments
  • Physical Precious Metal investments
  • Intellectual property licensing

The advantage of dealing with Peter Macfarlane and Associates is that you are dealing with a Wealth Management company that believes privacy is a basic human right. We walk the walk, living and breathing offshore…. but we also understand the marketing and tech assets of your business. And while it’s better to prepare things well in advance, if we need to work against the clock we can.

Everything starts with a free initial consultation to see if we find synergies. Depending on how complicated your situation is, we might be able to recommend off-the-shelf solutions or we will arrange a detailed, paid consultation with Peter himself.

Take the first step today: Please Contact Us to discuss your situation. We are waiting to hear from you.