Services for Internet Marketers Peter Macfarlane and Associates has established a dedicated division to cover the needs of successful internet marketing entrepreneurs: both site owners and affiliates. This specialist division is headed up by Mark Olsson, Peter's "right hand man", under Peter's direct and personal supervision. Over the past decade,...

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BankingBanking An offshore corporation without a bank account is almost worthless. It's very important that you can send, receive and invest funds in the name of your corporation, foundation or trust. Opening a bank account is no easy matter. Too many offshore service providers don't pay enough attention to this, opening offshore bank...

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Citizenship and ResidenceCitizenship and Residence In an increasingly mobile world, your family's citizenship and residence should not be left to chance. You can legally change your citizenship and country of residence, it's easier than you might think, and doing so could have a big impact on your wealth. There are nearly 200 countries in the world, and most of our clients...

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ConsultingConsulting Peter Macfarlane is a renowned international expert on offshore banking, asset protection, freedom, wealth creation, expatriation and financial privacy matters. If you like his unique insights and his 'different' way of looking at things, maybe he can add value to your situation? The most important thing to understand...

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Corporate ServicesCorporate Services Our clients seek privacy, asset protection, capital preservation and growth potential. Peter Macfarlane & Associates has been providing corporate services and structures to discerning clients since 2000. Peter frequently writes about the practical uses of international corporate structures like companies, LLCs, foundations...

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Precious Metals

Unlike fiat (paper) money that is destined to inflate out of existence, precious metals will continue to hold their own as a store of value. We see gold as another, stronger, currency not as a commodity. We believe precious metals are an essential element in any asset protection strategy. If you think like us, you need to work with a consulting firm like ours.

We advise strongly against using ETFs or other financial instruments for long term precious metals holdings, as they rely on the very same financial system that our clients seek to protect themselves from. These instruments, remember, are from the very same bankers who brought you ‘good as cash’ mortgage bonds and the like.

We are always happy to advise clients on the best ways to hold precious metals. There is no one-size-fits all strategy, but in nearly all cases we recommend you purchase physical precious metals through a non-bank solution. For clients who set up structures with us, we are able to arrange precious metals trading facilities whether you want to buy a few coins or vault an entire fortune. We can help you to select reputable providers, people who have a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve and why. And we will help you navigate through their due diligence procedures in the name of your new offshore entity.

If you would like to discuss our precious metals consulting and benefit from our firm’s expertise and network of contacts, please contact Peter Macfarlane & Associates.